Exactly what Miracles?.

Contemplating miracles will really bring such’supernatural'(we can ask ourselves what is supernatural?) occurrences as the bleeding of Therese Neumann, a German Catholic mystic, who exhibited the nail markings of Christ and bled every Friday, or the case of Saint Juan Diego’s reported vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531, more currently maybe even the healing of a terminally person, or possibly a lottery win before financial disaster concerns mind. Think about considering nature and seeing the wonders of the sprouting of a seed, or the birth of a child? A lot of things can be viewed as miracles. But it is all in our perception. Again we perceive life individually and therefore experience even miracles differently.

Our essential being, our core, is inward and as such strengthens from within, not from without. All we hear, see, touch, taste, and smell in this outward world is an inside reflection of the mind of man, thoughts and feelings manifest. We ignore this inward soul-connection the majority of the time, but the wise man (Understander) thinks and manifests his desires easily. We barely notice our natural universal relationship and neglect our responsibility to it through ignorance of the law. This innate core to be has lain bare and unused since we were born. Why? Because we didn’t know better! Remember the old saying’should they knew better, they would do better ‘, indeed… but now could be the time and energy to get up and start taking responsibility. community So let us be wise and learn to use this positive life energy in our daily lives, because knowingly or not, it has produced our experiences according to your mind convictions; right or wrong.

Now that we are on the trail of awakening and are consciously striving to lift this veil of ignorance and deception, we’re glimpsing the Truth and seeing miracles. Once understood as truth, and as the simple workings of what the law states or mind projections, they’re mere reflections of new and improved thought convictions and therefore can not be called miracles anymore. A miracle as Webster defines is’a silly or wonderful event that is thought to be due to the ability of God’and/or’an extremely amazing or unusual event, thing, or achievement ‘.

So a miraculous occurrence will only seem so to the uninformed or unaware individual, but the Understander accomplishes all desires instantaneously through knowing the truth. He allows the divine capacity to flow through him. Which means Understander comes from the dark corners of his soul, which stores self-pity, defeat, doubt and fear, among a number of other negative emotions and embraces his true heritage which will be the light of love, joy and harmony. The acknowledgement of the powers is what makes magic a day to day occurrence.

Think about this! Living of the five senses, which will be living you reside now, has unsatisfied you around this point. Earthly pleasures only last so long, fading away quickly, and you cry out for more. And as more is bestowed upon you, you again long for additional pleasures, ever trying to fill the empty hole inside you. When will all humanity awaken to this fact? When will the cries for spirituality start and when will individuals note that’the kingdom of heaven is at hand ‘? When will we act on our instinctive longings for more peace and fulfillment? When will we provide ourselves enough Soul-food and share this new feast of the Spirit with our brothers and sisters?

Getting out of bed to the Truth, we watch poverty develop into riches, sickness into health, healed relationships and happiness return through our newly found, and diligently applied, creative energy. These improved conditions can look like miracles. “I never imagined that I really could accomplish that” you say, or “Can you believe I was healed?” Yes, I think, because even as we open ourselves to this Truth-substance and accept its full power, we draw this mighty energy into our lives. Wondrous happenings, unexplained healing, and all the good desires would be the mere workings of Universal Law – if understood.

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