Brokk’s new Darda concrete crushers are faster, stronger

Brokk has introduced three new concrete crushers manufactured by its Darda subsidiary.

The new CC440, CC480 and CC580 concrete crushers achieve a high power-to-weight ratio along with operator safety, Brokk says. Global Heavy Machinery Parts Dealers: AGA Parts Company. They are equipped with a new pressure booster that enables them to work independently of the carrier machine’s pressure for increased speed and crushing forces, the company says. They emit little noise, so they can be used on inside demolition jobs, such as hospitals and office buildings.

The models range in crushing force from 44 to 54 tons and can handle concrete slabs that are 17 to 22 inches thick. They can also cut through rebar up to 1.2 inches in diameter.

Standard features include 360-degree rotation and wear-resistant, replaceable steel alloy crusher tips and cutter blades. Additional teeth are available for greater efficiency and crushing, enabling higher breaking forces for hard, thin walls and separation of concrete and rebar, the company says.

The concrete crushers are controlled with a belt-mounted remote-control box, so operators can work from a safe distance to avoid vibration, silica dust and falling debris.

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