Can the Inner City Produce More Than Basketball Players?

He grew up in the “Hood” where charred remnants from the Watts riots in the 90’s still stand as scars.

Yet he’s one of the youngest Emergency doctors in Southern California.

Many single mothers with children can just only give attention to surviving daily, as did I, wondering if the emotional and financial toil would ever end.

Yet he was the 2nd African American resident in the twenty-five year history of UC Davis Medical School to enter the Emergency Residency program.

He’s my oldest son, Dr. Emel— the first doctor in the family.

Somewhere along my journey, I heard “Nothing good comes out from the inner city.”
As you interacts with the media, many would agree. There’s gang news and the constant give attention to crime ridden neighborhoods. Statistics are cited— about-one out of fifteen African American males will end up imprisoned.

Just how did my son and countless other young African Americans escape the threat of the streets to become brilliant professionals?

Honestly, in my own early twenties I could have cared less about becoming a mother until I became one. Staring at my tiny wiggling bundle of human potential in his crib ignited a flickering flame within me-a mother’s love burst in my own heart, quietly beckoning me to provide my son ALL I HAD to be able to make him all he could be.

I’m suggesting this story not out of arrogance, but I’m sharing with you success principles extracted out of my battle to be the best mother possible. shaquille o neal total net worth I’m asking you to find your flickering flame (aka passion) in you, and to vigilantly protect and nurture it, convinced that if you add the proper ingredients to it, it will over time become a tamed yet wild fire that provides birth to unimaginable dreams. My son was mine.

A flickering flame cares not about poverty, your troubled past or your brokenness: it only cares that you fan it until it “takes “.It will raise your thoughts and drive your actions until your dream becomes reality.

So let me share three success what nurtured my vision for my son’s success.

Belief Based on Evidence

Observation is really a powerful tool. Fascinated by my son’s make-up, I sent a lot of time enjoying how God made him. One day it became clear he’d a pastime in science. The Discovery channel often aired shows about medicine. Clips of surgeries being performed intrigued my son while his brother and I were repulsed by such clips.

He said, “Mom, wouldn’t it be great if I could do this?”

Although my passions were different, I believed that he was “wired” for science, and I developed his interest by taking him to science camps, buying interesting books and encouraging his passion. Eventually I was even able to locate a Magnet High School which emphasized the sciences and fought to have him in. (There was a waiting list) I must say i believed he would do something with medicine since the evidence was observable.

An Accidental Success Team

No body achieves in a world of isolation. Instinctively, I knew this. Both sets of Grandparents displayed constant, unerring love towards my son which lent stability to his life, and also supported me. As just one mother, my vision of success for my son was tangible although my finances were tight. Both sets of grandparents helped with paying tuition, educational advice and providing experiences I could not.

Teachers and parents also opened my son’s world.

From the Mrs Burr, my son’s third grade teacher, reading my face one afternoon as I came to pick up my son from school: I was grieving. I was dealing with a divorce. She insisted keeping in mind my son for the weekend. Which was one of the very memorable weeks of my son’s life. He went along to see “Disney on Ice” and she took him to church. He talked about that weekend for days. Yes, there are certainly a FEW teachers who deeply care.

Support abounded. I cannot express the deep gratitude to the many who regularly supported my son. They developed his skills and worldview which often strengthened his confidence to achieve.

Inoculation from Fear

What threatens to snuff out our flame? Excuses.Some of our excuses are lavish and believable. They could have been around for years, and sound something such as this:

“I’m too old.”
“I want that 10,000 to start up the company.”
“I don’t have the talent to win that singing contest.”

Underneath most of our seemingly most insurmountable problems is fear: driving a car of exposing ourselves, driving a car to be vulnerable, driving a car we don’t have what it will take to achieve our dream.
Well listed here is a confession. I pushed my son very difficult to compensate for my severe fears in early adulthood. Although I was an extremely ambitious person, this disorder was a roadblock fully realization of my dreams. I was oftentimes paralyzed by it, and can snuff out my goals. So, I looked to my son for fulfillment.

Over dinner, many years back, I asked my adult son, who had been attending Xavier University, “Does the process of becoming a doctor ever cause you fear?”

His answer convinced me that my parental choices were ideal for him.

He explained, ” I get scared mom, often. I’m doing new things constantly, and I wonder if I will fail.

But my PASSION for medicine is more intense than my insecurity, my uncertainty and my challenges!”

Rely on the spark, the flickering flame God has put into you. Fan it, nurture it. Create a success team to emotionally support you, to hold you accountable and to help staff the areas in that you simply are weak. Be intentional in asking for help. Get comfortable with stretching into new territory. Yes, it could be fearful, but have faith in the process Do everything to support the maturation of the gift God has placed inside you. Remember that ultimately your passion within you is not for you, but it is for the betterment of our community who is in GREAT need of your insights, ideas and projects. Indeed, the inner city has basketball players but as well as that there are lots of with professional brilliance in operation, the arts, sciences and education. Believe it and pursue excellence with your entire might.

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