Pick Quite a few Brilliant Web Hosting Companies

There are numerous web hosting companies that are firing up and trying to produce their hosting plan suited to companies and individuals. There are certainly a hundred of web hosting companies and it is really difficult to choose from them. Elements that differentiate the hosting plans are price, performance, features and support. To be a top web hosting company we must be able to give you the client with precisely what they need when it comes to usability.

Top hosting plans may be used for websites that include blogs, shopping cart, forums and galleries and for all these features we must research and try to find the very best hosting product that will fit inside our requirement totally. Blue host is one of the best hosting companies that provide most features at a very affordable rate. They give free create; we can use unlimited domains with one account, 24*7 customer service, secure shell and 500 POP Email Accounts. Blue host offers most of these of them costing only $3.45 per month. They give unlimited space and they have been offering the very best since 1996 with their clients at an extremely basic price.

Host monster is another hosting provider that’s been offering help to individuals and business those who need all of the features on a tiny scale budget wordpress. They give complete web hosting solutions and guarantee 30- day money back if we’re unhappy with the products. The best service they provide is their internet hosting package which gives us high speed and power at half the price.

There are many companies that claim to be top hosting companies but until and unless we don’t do our own research we shall never be able to get a great package at a great price. Our awareness is extremely important. Just host is just one more firm that delivers inexpensive plans, safe servers, across the clock tech support team and all of the features we would require. Unlimited domains, free email accounts and Unlimited MySQL Databases are some features they give.

Green Geeks is just a very friendly to the environment hosting team. They give 300% green energy with every web hosting plan. They provide unlimited space, unlimited transfer and if we should switch to green hosting service at any time from our existing service they help us do that easily. Every one of these companies are top web hosting firms but we must check so it suits our plan and budget before we buy it. Service for many these are excellent but prices vary and some features may be absent from some of them. These web hosting software might act up any time therefore it is critical that the company gives 24*7 customer service and provide a good customer back up.

Beneficial Approaches for Android Application Marketing

Everyone can write an Android application by downloading a computer software development kit (SDK). Actually, it is an open platform, which gives the scope to develop hundreds of applications. The team of developers provides help during the development and testing phase. The easy development and implementation is the basic reason for the success of Android. The marketing of the Android app resembles iPhone app marketing. There are lots of marketing strategies that benefit Android apps and not other products. Here would be the tips and methods for Android application marketing.


First of all, make a splash page that generates curiosity about the app. The splash page serves as an over-all introduction to the software. The page must be filled up with some attractive graphics, information regarding the app, and branding. AC Market APK Having some appreciation of SEO is very important when it comes to the description of the Android app. Make use of a title and description that give a clear indication of what the app is about. The higher the description the higher the possibility of coming up in the app marketplace.

A category where it fits

This can be a challenging phase of Android marketing, as some apps fit under multiple category. Selecting the right category will need some serious thought if the developer wants to have the absolute most out from the sales. An Android application must incorporate a wallpaper, which is really a screen decoration for the users to put on their instruments. To be listed in a variety of categories, developers must use widgets, plug-ins, and wallpapers. The more categories an Android app may be listed beneath the better.

Quality of graphics

This can be a big the main marketing and selling pitch. High-quality icons and graphical images will show pride in creating the app and attract buyers. Many application creators pay designers to create images and icons for them. So, it is vital to create applications with high-quality images and graphics.


The price tag on the Android app will definitely play an important role in the marketing strategy. There are several people who will never pay an individual penny for an app, while there are many people who pay for a great one. So, the price must be fixed on keeping with the grade of the app being sold. Don’t forget to charge what the app is worth it.

Make a video

Developers can make use of a teaser video showing some of the app’s great features in action. It is super easy to create this type of video with background narration of the app. If the Android app is really great, it will do the rest of the job in itself.

In addition to the above points, people will discover the app useful if it is unique and meet their needs. Despite of tens and thousands of applications, people always lookout for apps that meet their needs or provide entertainment.