Recessed Lighting Choices for those Cutting-edge Place

With new energy efficient technology being developed all the time and designers racing to create the following unique and artistic fixture, recessed lighting has evolved to be always a whole new realm of possibilities.

Liton Lighting is a pioneer in the field of recessed lighting. On the forefront of energy-saving technology and design, Liton has an impressive array of available recessed lighting options. The recipient of the 2010 Best Interior Product Award, Liton is the better company to consult when you’re deciding to go green, make your property green, and upgrade your style to contemporary lighting fixtures. Featuring sets from miniature low voltage recessed fixtures to under cabinet lights to LEDs to dimmable retrofit recessed lights, Liton has every fixture option you might dream of when you want to decorate your property, business, or office with finesse and gentle ambiance.

A number of the most popular fixtures these days are LED recessed lights. LEDs are quickly becoming the newest green trend in lighting, as they are a lot more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. LED fixtures are approximately 70% to 85% more energy efficient because they don’t lose heat during use.

But of course, there are other energy saving alternatives for recessed lighting as well. If LEDs are not in your budget range, then research compact fluorescent recessed fixtures. Also ranging in proportions from 2″ to 6″ trim, these light fixtures are a lot more energy efficient than your average incandescent fixture. Fluorescent lights concentrate the brilliance where it’s needed best led recessed lights for drop ceiling, which means you will be more effective in your lighting layout, needing fewer fixtures to attain exactly the same effect as incandescent bulbs. This trend in contemporary lighting works for a variety of lighting situations-use low voltage lighting in your decorative/display and task lighting, and showcasing retail products. Other creative applications include recessed lighting placement in swimming pools, fountains, and gardens or porches.

But there are even MORE options in regards to filling your property with rows of ambient recessed lights. There’s also low voltage and line voltage light fixtures. Low voltage lights are slightly more complicated to put in as they require a transformer to bring down the voltage and save energy. Often the main advantage of line voltage fixtures is that they’re more affordable because electrically they require fewer parts and are an easier constructions, if your goal is to save energy, then low voltage lights are an excellent alternative.

And last, but not least, may be the under cabinet lighting option. Often this kind of simple application is overlooked by home decorators, once you could easily lighten up an area with this kind of subtle and refined fixture. Under cabinet lighting is the newest trend in kitchen and home decor. Ideal for contemporary styles, Liton’s recessed under cabinet lights are an excellent solution to subtly illuminate your kitchen or workspace and highlight your counters or hobbies. (Model trains, anyone?) Cordless under cabinet lighting by Liton uses LED fluorescent bulbs and is the better design to gently brighten any room without installing overhead fixtures.

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